Research on ‘I LOVE POSTER’ various designs

Below is a graphic illustration of the various posters and graphics with the text ‘I LOVE’. inspired by the famous ‘I LOVE NEW YORK’, the art shows a huge domination of the red heart icon by various designs to express the message, joint together with the text ‘I…” in black.

The illustrated I LOVE graphic collage, makes use of icons at the place of love when its not the heart icon been used, the icon of the main message is been used e.g the LOVE graphic, illustrating basketball at the place of the Heart, to demonstrate the Love for the basketball sport discipline.

The background of this various collages, are of different kinds illustrating the famous ‘I LOVE POSTER’ could easily be applied to any background of choice but will mostly pop out when used on white background or when applied with the logo or main icon of the message wen intend to pass out e.g PARIS with the A coloured in Red.




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